Childbirth Educator Certification Examination

Please read the below Off-Site Exam Process document for information on the current exam process in regards to PCE’s  partnership with Scantron Testing Centers.

Prepared Childbirth Educator’s certification examinations are created with the guidance of test development specialists and content expert panels representing their specialty area. PCE also conducts periodic role delineation studies to analyze the professional skills and abilities required within each specific certification.

The mission of the Childbirth Educator Certification (CCE) is to recognize excellence in the specialty role of the nurse childbirth educator.

The goal of the CCE certification is to:

  • recognize the specialized knowledge, skills and abilities of the nurse childbirth educator
  • strengthen the core competencies of the nurse childbirth educator
  • distinguish childbirth education as a specialty area within the nursing profession
  • contribute to nurse childbirth educator’s professional development

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Licensure: a currently active nurse license in the United States or its territories

Certification Examination Fees

If you have taken PCE’s prep course within the past 3 years, you are eligible for a discounted exam rate of $150.00 (Email for a registration form with your discounted rate).

If taking the Examination ONLY* (if taking the exam without the prep course): $450.00
*Must meet experience requirements prior to taking the examination:
Please submit Eligibility Verification form.

PCE General Testing and Recertification Handbook
Click here to download.

Childbirth Educator Certification Exam Outline and Study Resource List
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  1. If you have completed the prep course within the past 3 years and are eligible for the discounted exam rates, please email for an exam registration form listing the discounted exam rates.
    Then, email completed registration form and payment to
  2.  If you wish  to take the  Certification Exam Only, without a prep course, Click Here to go to the Off-Site Exam Registration page & register on-line.


Please see link below for more information about the off-site exam process.

Off-Site Exam Process